Experts in the Field

Radisson Agrochemical Corporation (RAC) is a privately-held, licensed company engaged in the sourcing and importation of agrochemicals in the Philippines.

We have over 10 years of experience in bringing our clients the best products.

About Us

We've built a reputation based on our dedication to bringing our clients the best products through our comprehensive quality controls. We believe delivering the highest quality products is the best way to give our clients the greatest value in an industry dominated by multinational companies.

RAC has acquired one of the largest numbers of registered products in the Philippines, and continually works towards the expansion of its product lines for the benefit of clients and the people they serve. To date, we have over 30 registered products, with at least 10 applications underway. We also strive towards providing sincere, professional service, and building long-lasting relationships with our clients to better anticipate their needs.